Weekly Challenge #4 – Getting Fit For True Grit!

Weekly Challenge #4 is a biggie! It’s a long-short term goal that I’ve been inspired to set for myself and one which will test me and push me whilst having a tangible method of seeing my progress over the coming months.

I’ve decided to do the True Grit Challenge! This was my inspiring thought last week and it’s something I’ve been toying with for a couple of years now with those new years resolutions that never go anywhere. But nope I’m on a roll here and this is something that I can strive for and in the process, achieve the healthy lifestyle and fitness levels that I’m aiming for!

True Grit is a military-style obstacle course over 10-12km which is said to test your stamina and mental resolve as you go through over 30 obstacles. It says it’s over natural terrain with obstacles that require teamwork, upper and lower body strength. To me, that just sounds really cool?!

In Adelaide, it’s held on the 28th and 29th April 2018, which is quite a distance away. However, giving a perfect amount of time to get in shape! As of creating this post, it gives around 6 months. There’s a lot you can do in 6 months!



The Plan:

On the True Grit website, they have a training section of which they include intermediate and advanced. I’m going to be going through them, starting at the intermediate level and moving onwards after. Both levels are said to take 10 weeks each, taking a total of 5 months to complete. That’s really handy, isn’t it?! That gives a whole extra month to increase my endurance and strength!

The intermediate level that I’ll be starting with is hyperlinked right here if you want to check out what I’ll be following for the next 10 weeks.

I am making some changes to the actual plan as I feel that I can push myself a tiny bit further than what the plan expects. Basically, week one expects four days at rest over the full seven, which I feel is a bit too relaxed, especially as I have been more active lately.


This week, I’m tailoring the exercise to be:

Half an hour brisk walk in the morning
Adding a hill to the (3x) 1 min run/1 min walk after each walk
Some form of circuit training daily (even if just sit-ups)


Through following an exercise plan I can compare and track my fitness as I gradually increase the intensity of it each week to the point of where I naturally improve and lose weight with the addition of healthy eating. I’ll be having weekly updates of progress in a separate category ‘Getting Fit’ which I’ll try and cover general stats, meals, mood and my progress toward my goal!

If you’re interested or inspired to give it a go… I say DO IT 🙂 Many people are said to participate in teams so maybe you want to get your friends to do it with you, or even tag along with me and my group I’ll be banding together. But if you’re on the fence, take the first step and every step after will be easier! There’s plenty of time, make yourself feel good 🙂

Get involved!



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