About Me


Welcome to ThingsJoeDoes, a place for a little bit of creativity in the form of.. well I’m not too sure yet.

But you came here for a reason so, here’s a little bit about me:

I was born in sunny England, a county called Kent was where I called home. Fast forward through all my childhood memories and adventures and I’ve ended up in Australia, and have been enjoying doing so for almost 9 years now!

You might ask, why am I doing this? Well, I’m always jumping from ideas and interests and rather than having it be a burden, why not turn it into a collection of information and ideas I’ve come across that I can share with you! I love to dabble in things, I love gaining insight into different ideas and mindsets, learning, day-dreaming, and discovering. I only hope that passion can come across! Not just for your enjoyment, but as a way to inspire myself. A sort of collection of all the things that mean something to me, because… Well, why not?

So if you want to hear about a slightly awkward, but maybe not too awkward person and learn new things with me on my journey then that’s great! Along the way, I hope to build confidence and develop myself into a better version of me, somehow… Welcome to ThingsJoeDoes.