Camping Weekend – The Movie

Hey everybody!

It’s taken me quite a while to get all of the clips together from camping but I’ve had a lot of fun in the process of doing it. And finally, here it is!

P.s – I didn’t realise that having a waterproof case on the Go Pro (to protect it from me) would heavily reduce the noise so sadly I have no audio but I’ve dubbed in a little background track 🙂


I had a super great time with our last chance to get a good fire in before the fire ban.

Jordan looking majestic with his guitar

Taking the Go Pro was really enjoyable and I had so much fun filming events and walks. I’m very happy to have made this video and although it may not be the best, it’s a sum up of all the good bits I enjoy about camping and the fun we had there.

We saw lizards, a line of kangaroos, had gin, cooked on the fire, collected great firewood and just kicked back in general!

So I hope you enjoy my sharing of the experience, and any criticisms of the editing would be much appreciated! Thank you 😀

Lil big lizard!
Beautifully scattered pine trees



  1. That looks like it was a great time! I love camping, too. Of course, here in Texas we do not have big lizards or kangaroos, but a big campfire and a those you love is always a good time! ? I think the video turned out great!

    • Camping is super great! Wish I could do it more but thanks for the support 😀 Maybe not kangaroos in the US but look hard enough and you might see a lizard 😛 Thank you! Was a lot of fun, I appreciate it 🙂

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