Open mic with Jordan and Hayley! Sharing the happiness (Lady Jay Heron)

Hey guys!

Jordan and Hayley (Lady Jay Heron) played their first gig after months of anticipation and worrying if they were good enough – and they were great!

Hayley stage left, Jordan stage right

I just wanted to share last night with you, me and my great friends went to The Gov where they performed at an open mic (it’s a good atmospheric pub just out of the CBD).

They write all their own creative material and could very well be the next up and coming Angus and Julia Stone! Their music is emotionally felt and I’m just really happy and proud of them for going up their and sharing. I really want to see them succeed and grow and I’m looking forward to hearing them perform again! So thanks guys for giving me happy feelings and keep doing all the good stuff 😀

PS – In terms of producing content it’s still very new but if you want to check out a couple of songs then go onto Jordan’s soundcloud link to hear more!

Hayley and Jordan playing open mic at the Gov