Dungeons and Hopefully Not Disasters

I’ve recently embarked on a new adventure, and yes, it was just a good idea in the moment in which snowballed into actually happening but it’s also something I’ve wanted to do for years and just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m talking about Dungeons and Dragons!

So to start off, it’s basically what you’d call a tabletop role-playing game. It utilizes your imagination and a set of guiding rules and dice rolls to basically create a live story right in front of you. There’s absolutely opportunity for almost anything to happen, it all depends on how well you perform your action (the dice roll) and how you can twist a tale into what you want to happen. It just sounds really appealing to me, especially considering it’s a whole world you can explore and put yourself into and delve into your creative side.

The only problem is, I don’t really know many people that are into it and I, of course, want to be able to play with my friends, so I’ve taken it upon myself to organise the game myself. It does mean that I cant play as an individual character, but it means that I can coordinate the whole game, add my own twists and tales and essentially play every other character that the party will come across (the party being who I’m playing with). It has its own set of difficulties, especially as a first-time player. I’ve got to learn about the rules, races, classes and all the intricacies in a more in-depth way than the characters. But really, I don’t mind. As I said, it’s something that has appealed to me for years so now it’s my chance to take it in stride and get it going.

It really feels like it’s up to me to get everything organised, down to helping all the other people, ensuring people are having a good time (I hope), and making sure the story goes smoothly! It’s certainly going to be interesting to progress through this because I feel there are some skills in here that I can develop for myself, and also exercise my creative side a bit more. I seem to not be so creative these days and this is a great way to fill in that gap I think.

So here’s to the start of a journey, where friends can meet and have a good time and have fun together. Where their characters drink in weird taverns, battle off some goblins and eventually maybe even fight off the power of a dragon. Who knows, but here’s to whatever will come of it!

Also, welcome back!